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5 free from foods I’m still looking for!

5 free from foods I’m still looking for!

Theortically I could potentially make the following foods, if it wasn’t for my other disabilitites, and limited shopping options.

1 Croissants

I miss the buttery, flaky, soft but dense and light texture so much. *sigh*

2 Yorkshire Puddings

Yorkshire puds were one of the last foods I let go of … begrudgingly.

3 Maltesers

I know Schar have just come out with a Malteser equivelent, but they have milk.

4 Angel Cake

When I attempted the gluten challenge I kind of went full hog and ate a bit of dairy and egg also. Oops? I had plenty of regrets, but devouring the lightness of the angel cake is not on of them.

5 Crumpets

I swear, sometimes I can almost taste them.


Just like every ‘free from’ food I see a lot of places have gluten free sorted. For some foods companies are even going dairy free, but not many are egg free. A quick glance at a packed can usually tell me if it’s edible as I just search for the items in bold.

Maybe one day a miracle will happen!


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