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How to be happy when eating free from versions of past foods.

How to be happy when eating free from versions of past foods.

This post was inspired by the new Tesco Cheese Flavour Balls – full review coming soon.

Nowadays there are ‘dupes’ of many foods, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Some dupes are from the same manufacturer cashing in on the ‘free from’ trend. Some are from allergen friendly companies filling a whole in the market, but one thing is certain – they are all ‘nearly but not quite’. Granted, there is sometimes the odd product that’s amazing, but when you have as many allergens/intolerances/IBS as me the list of ‘tastes like I remember it’ gets even smaller.

It’s quite common for me to see a new product that I can eat, purchase it and then be very very disappointed. I know in part it’s because I have these memories of what the food used to taste like – or what the ‘proper’ version tasted like, but the main reason is because the free from version leaves a bad taste in my mouth … sometimes literally.

Thankfully, there are a lot of foods I’ve nearly forgotten the taste of – like dairy products, though I think that’s mostly because dairy HATES me, and those are the foods I enjoy the most. I’ve also learnt to appreciate the taste of free from products on their own merit without judging them against the food of the past.

And that’s the key to enjoying free from versions of past foods. Appreciating and learning to like, and sometimes love free from products on their own merit is vital to living a somewhat happy free from food life. I still crave foods I used to be able to eat all the damn time, some I’ve found no replacements for (I’m looking at you croissants), and some I’m over the moon with (Yorica salted caramel ice cream).

It’s very hit or miss, but it’s a lot better than 10 years ago when the only selection I had was a shelve at the back of the store and everything tasted like cardboard.

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