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Schar Gluten Free Mini Dippers

Schar Gluten Free Mini Dippers

The Basics

  • Price:  ASDA £1.50
  • Size: One Pot: 52g (32g + 20g)
  • Ingredients: Cocoa creme 32 g (sugar, vegetable fats and oils (rapeseed, cacao butter, sunflower oil), hazelnuts 10%, skimmed cocoa powder 8.8%, emulsifier: E-322; natural vanilla flavor) ,breadsticks 20 g (potato starch, rice flour, modified maize starch, buckwheat flour, vegetable margarine [vegetable oil and fat in varying proportion (high oleic sunflower oil, shea fat), water, salt, lemon juice , emulsifier: E-471] , yeast , glucose-fructose syrup , sugar , thickener: E-464 ;emulsifier: E-472e ; raising agent: E-503 ; natural flavour)
  • Specified Free From: Lactose, Wheat
  • Also ‘free from’: Eggs, Milk, Gluten
  • Allergens: May contain traces of soya, milk protein, almonds and walnuts.


My favourite bit about the Schar gluten free mini dippers packaging is that it reminds me of school – it’s got that nostalgic quality of dunking various carbohydrate laden foods into some sort of sweet mixture. I am all for it. However, I’m not all for the unnecessary plastic, as there’s a lot of empty space as you can see. Granted, that’s just after I’d finished most of the dippers (it was unexpectedly good), but there’s a lot of unused space. It is also a bit difficult to get the broken Schar gluten free mini dippers out of the bottom of the packing


Whilst the dippers in the Schar gluten free mini dippers are essentially just mini breadsticks, the chocolate hazelnut mix is divine. It reminds me of Nutella – and let me tell you something I used to love Nutella. I may or may not have licked the pot at the end just to make sure I didn’t miss a single drop of chocolate. It’s that good.

The ‘dippers’ are okay, but they’re essentially just a vehicle to gather the chocolate mixture in your mouth – let’s be honest. Though I do like that they’re not round, but more oblong which makes getting the chocolate mix to stay on easier. They’re breadsticks, carbs in a solid form, and made ever so good when there’s a massive glob of chocolate hanging on for dear life. Quite an image, I know.

The one ‘downside’ is that I’ve found on some of Schar’s packaging their products are ‘lactose free to 0.0007’ or something like that. Now, my body is a sensitive (and troublesome) thing, I can’t tolerate 0.00 – whatever of lactose. If you ever buy from Schar, keep that in mind.

Top tip: Forget about the Schar gluten free mini dippers for about half an hour, and leave them nestled in a warm blanket. When you find them they’re then a great surprise, and an even gooier mess! Just be careful not to get it everywhere whilst eating. Learn from my mistakes.

Final Thoughts

For what  you get it is expensive! £1.50 for a small pot, when you could buy their breadsticks, and a free from hazelnut dip and have yourself a feast. Not quite the same, I know, but you get my pont. However, would I eat the Schar gluten free mini dippers again? Yes, definitely – mainly for the hazelnut mix, but I’d never buy more than one pack at a time, and I would only have the odd one a week. The thing with Shcar is that their factory also handles milk, as mentioned so I’m always wary. However, for an essentially ‘everything free’ person, they’re so so good. I kind of need to not buy more than one as they wouldn’t last long in my house.

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