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Top 10 Free From & Tummy Friendly Snacks

I ventured out of the house today. What was supposed to be a few hours out turned into 7 hours, and I got rather peckish whilst out. Being hungry whilst out is a nightmare, fellow intolerant/allergy sufferers will know what I mean by that. Unless you’ve scouted out friendly food venues, eating out safely unplanned just doesn’t happen.

To combat this I’ve started taking out a rucksack with me so I can store a few different bits of snack food, water, extra meds, and my walking stick. It’s potentially a bit over the top for a small journey, but I’m so grateful to have the supplies when/if they’re needed. It also acts a bit like a security blanket – I know I’ve got everything I need with me, so I worry a little less about venturing out.

Now, these aren’t necessarily the healthiest snacks out there, but when I’m in a bind and can’t find anything to eat they’re a life saver, and most importantly they’re tummy safe (for me, as with most things, different stomachs will react differently), and free from!

In no particular order, here are my top 10 IBS friendly, gluten, lactose, egg, and mostly soy free snacks:

10) Plantain Crisps

I get mine from Holland and Barret, and I love them. They’re like a slightly sweeter friendly of crisps.

9) Kintaro Pop Rice, Strawberry and Gojiberry

Allergens: Almonds

They also have a bunch of other flavours, like Banana and Chocolate  and Blueberry and Cranberry! I tend to find these at either Holland & Barrett, or Yo Sushi! when I’m out and about.

8) Moo Free Chocolate Bars

My favourite all rounder chocolate bar. It’s not ridiculously expensive, unlike other chocolates on the market, and it’s a nice sweet pick me up when I need it, and a lot of places seem to stock them: Holland & Barrett, Tesco, generic free from food stores.

7) Gratify Sea Salt Bites

Perfect for days I’m out for an extended period of time. I put a sticker/label on the bag before I go so I can reseal it when I’ve had my fill. I found these whilst doing my weekly food shop at Tesco, and highly recommend them.

Allergens:  Soy

6) Nairns Oats And Fruit Biscuits

My ‘oops’ I forgot to eat breakfast, and I need to take pills snack.

5) Nakd Cocoa Orange Bar

Allergens: Cashews

I’ve loved the Nakd brand for years, and the cocoa orange bars are my favourite. They’re not too over powering, and they satisfy the hunger pangs quickly. These seems to be available everywhere I turn around at the moment, which is great – failing that, health stores and chain food stores seem to always stock them.

4) Fiorentini Mais Snack Sweet Chilli Pepper

I love these. I discovered them by accident when I ordered the wrong product online, but it turned out to be a happy discovery. They’re amazing. These are essentially flavourful mini corn cakes that actually satisfy you. At the moment I’ve only found these online, but I like to order in bulk and ration them out.

3) Pip & Nut Peanut Butter Squeeze

Allergens:  Peanuts.

I’m guilty of eating this one straight from the pack. These packs are useful if you’ve got crackers with you, or even Gratify bites, but I pop one of these in my day to day bag if I need a quick fix. Best part is, the packaging holds up to the rough and tumble it endures in my bag, and because it’s peanut butter it can’t break (I’m looking at you Narins Oat Biscuits). Always a plus.

2) Snact. Fruit Jerky

A recent find, but a welcomed one. Somewhat healthy (fruit sugars still rot the teeth), and only 65kal per bag make this a tasty snack for when I need a quick sugar boost.

1) Munchy Seeds Crunchy Bites

Another packet item that stays mostly intact when put in my bag. Munchy seeds are my go to snack when I need something with a little crunch, and don’t fancy crisps. They’re also available in Sainsbury’s which is a little nice bonus. I love it when chain stores stock good free from products.

Now, I must pose the question, what are your go to snacks when you’re out? I’m always on the lookout for new foods to put in my bag.

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