Lactose Intolerance

My ‘Friend’ Lactose Intolerance

My ‘Friend’ Lactose Intolerance

My good old friend, lactose intolerance. We’ve been friends for nearly 10 years now. 10 long years of pain, suffering, accidental encounters, and despair.

First, I thought you were a joke. I mean you’re told milk is good for you. From a young age it’s thrown in your face that you have to make sure to drink your milk if you want healthy teeth and bones!

Then, I thought you weren’t really serious. I mean, c’mon … a little cheese isn’t going to hurt anyone? Right? Just a small block, just to taste it again.

And then, came the ‘forgetfulness’ stage. I mean, the last attack wasn’t that bad. And I was definitely over exaggerating the effects, they were minor! I’ll be fine, just you see.

And now, the final stage – reluctant admittance.Also known as  ‘if anyone eats cheese within 300 yards from where I’m sat, I will watch them like a hawk and occasionally lick my lips’.

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